Monday, October 24, 2005

What Today Means

It is October 24. And it means we have exactly a month to go before the wedding! The wedding that we started planning 9 months ago, the wedding which seemed so far away just a few months back… it is finally here, very soon!

Last Thursday, my sister Belle told me her gift, a double stove burner has been delivered to her office that day. Thursday night she brought it here at home… may kalan na kami, yehey!

Friday my auntie Vicky told me they’re giving us a sala set! A two-seater, two one-seaters, two side tables and a center table to match! God is good!

And Saturday Romy and I finally decided which apartment we’d avail! Whew! After SIX weekends of scouting all the subdivisions and villages, we’ve finally come to a decision! Indeed, it was not an easy task… looking for the perfect house/apartment. There are just a lot of things to consider. The place itself, security, vicinity, neighborhood, the rent, how many rooms, the space, the appearance and age of the place, etc. It was not an easy decision. But thank God He showed us this brand new row of apartments, which my Papa first discovered. We didn’t get it at once, thinking we can still find another place somewhere nearer, but we really cannot find any other choice that would measure up to the standards we are looking for. And so this morning, the 1 months advance and 2 months deposit have been paid. And Romy will move in in 2-3 weeks.

I’m excited what God has in store for us today and in the days to come. It seems He’s opened the floodgates of heaven a little wider these days for us. Halleluiah!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


43 days to go... and i woke up this morning feeling REALLY panicky! i feel nervous and excited but more nervous, honestly. it's been almost 2 weeks that i havent done any wedding errands and so today, it dawned on me that there are still alot of things to do!

after breakfast, i called up my coordinator Clarice and told her how i feel. nagpa-panic na ako! she somehow managed to calm me down. she gave me practical tips and gave more suggestions. well, i was relieved, but still the overwhelming feeling still hasn't left me.

but good thing i was able to accomplish some things today. but really, managing the guest list is one of the hardest to do! how can something like this be uber complicated?!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Group Number 2 dressed me up with a tube top. designers were Renato, Clarissa, Benedict and Phobel. funny!  Posted by Picasa

Haha! one of the games during my shower party was a Dress Up The Bride... using rolls and rolls of toilet paper! that's me in a halter-top bridal gown kuno. with me are the "designers" Jun, Denoy and Kit.  Posted by Picasa

Me opening the gifts during the shower party hosted by my GMA friends.  Posted by Picasa

Oct 7-9 was such a wonderful weekend. Romy and I attended the Discovery Weekend in Mapayapa Village, QC. it was a 3-day stay-in retreat that's aimed to focus on each other as an engaged couple. cellphones and even watches were not allowed! i was nega about it at first, but later realized it was worth sacrificing these gadgets even for just a while!  Posted by Picasa

All 28 Soon-to-Wed Couples who attended the Discovery Weekend. it was a very good experience. we got to learn alot about each other as a couple, got to write lots of love letters to each other, and were able to talk about very intimate matters. Posted by Picasa

My Honey, all up and alive despite the instruction by the retreat facilitator to take a siesta. Posted by Picasa

Me during the break.  Posted by Picasa

My super gwapo dog, Lucky! would you believe he's already 15 years old?! Posted by Picasa

another shot of Lucky. Posted by Picasa

Last Wed, oct 5, my writer-friends from GMA organized, hosted a Bridal Shower for me at the Astoria Plaza along Escriva Drive in Ortigas. here's a sneak peak at the fun and hilarious event. :-) Posted by Picasa

The caramel Estrell's cake given by MKM Prod Coordinator Phobel and Darna Exec Producer Edlyn. yummy! Posted by Picasa

my writer-friends who organized a shower for me! from L-R: Don, Dode, Phobel, Kit, Jun, Clarissa. Posted by Picasa

From L-R: Don (Now and Forever, Mulawin) Clarissa (Love2Love), Dode (Darna, MKM), Phobel (MKM, Darna), Benedict (Darna, MKM, Mahiwagang Baul) Kit (Love2Love, Now&Forever), Abi (Darna, MKM, My Guardian Abby) Posted by Picasa

Set Design of my Desperate Housewives-themed shower party.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

gifts for our ninangs come wedding day. hope they'll like these cuties! Posted by Picasa

here are our gifts to our wedding ninongs.but m not telling what's inside! hehe. Posted by Picasa

Congrats to my friend Mayen and her hubby Steve for a beautiful LOTR- inspired wedding party!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005


52 DAYS TO GO!!!

talents inC friends jess, jason and twinkle zamora, and chinee. Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Steve and Mayen's Wedding party!  Posted by Picasa

wine glass and votive candle Posted by Picasa

My friend Mayen and her new husband Steve during their LOTR-inspired Wedding party last saturday.  Posted by Picasa

Look! Look! here are out invitations!  Posted by Picasa

another shot of our invitations Posted by Picasa

Manoeuvres Dance Concert of which i am the scriptwriter... taken with night-mode manual setting in my powershot camera. Posted by Picasa

Taken at the Admin building of UP. Hi, UP! I'm back!!! Missed you! Posted by Picasa