Saturday, January 27, 2007

Self-Imposed Adjustments Since I Got Married:

1. Whatever I’m doing, drop it at least 30 minutes before my husband arrives from the office. I don’t want to be caught smelly and my face oily.
2. Even if my scripts are yet to be finished, make it a point to be ready for bed with husband, even if it’s just for snuggling.
3. Try and experiment with new dishes so as not to bore husband.
4. Stay at home most Saturdays as it is husband’s rest day. He is a homebody and prefers the house over the mall. (and I am the exact opposite!)
5. Change beddings, curtains and seatcovers regularly, more often than when I was still single.
6. Not to use Johnson’s Bed Time Lotion, for husband doesn’t like the smell of it.
7. Meals mean rice and viand to husband. So even if I’m craving for pizza and pasta and tacos, I instead eat them during snack-time.
8. Most of the time (like 3x a week), I get up at 6am and prepare husband’s baon. Then go back to sleep once he leaves for the office.
9. Sleep at 1am at the most as opposed to my usual 3am back when I was unmarried.
10. Cut off on nightlife. Nights are all the time spent with husband.
11. Watch seasons 1 and 2 of “24” all over again instead of going straight to watching season 3 so as not to leave off husband.
12. Cut off on movie expenses. Watch DVDs instead. Movie-going is for the occasional date nights only.

I will add more once I remember them.