Monday, September 26, 2005


i woke up today excited. excited to head straight to the munisipyo and claim our marriage license that we applied for ten days ago! yehey! and yes, i did get it and it was just thrilling to see our names there at the license to marry form! haha, kahit bukas pwede na kami magpakasal! joke!


it's September 26, barely two months to go from our wedding day! although the major tasks for the wedding have been confirmed, paid for, finalized, still there are some nitty-gritties that have yet to be ironed out. whew, as the day gets nearer, the more emotions i'm going through!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Angel and Katrina rehearsing their lines during Darna Taping. i was bored at home the other day and thought i might drop by and say hi.  Posted by Picasa

another shot. that's angel (darna) and katrina (black darna). Posted by Picasa

This is Andrea. she's my one and only Flower Girl... isn't she cute?! Oh, this girl drives me crazy! We talk on the phone 3 times a day!  Posted by Picasa

Another shot of Andrea on the Phone. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 19, 2005

Batman, Please Help me!

Romy and I were on the phone late this afternoon, chatting. he then asked what papa and mama are doing. i said, si mama nood tv. si papa, nagluluto. and he asked, ano luto ni papa? and i said, lemon chicken. he said, wow! paano kaya pag mag-asawa na tayo?

now let me pause and tell u that i am not trained in the kitchen... at all!

and so i said, bahala na si batman.

ohwell, paano nga kaya yun?!

haaay, and so i repeat, bahala na si batman!

Quite a Relief

It's a nice feeling. having paid almost half of the caterer contract today? who said something like this will make me feel light? that something like this will make me feel accpomplished? to think it's only monday today, ha?

haha, only bride to be's can relate, i guess. or should i say, only hands-on and obssessive compulsive bride to be's, to be specific.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

countdown today

70 days to go before the big day!

Monday, September 12, 2005



Friday, September 09, 2005

Hindi Ako Manhid

Hindi ako manhid para hindi ko ma-gets that this particular girl buddy of mine isnt really happy that m getting married. since the day i told her i was engaged, i can sense that she's not rejoicing with me. well, for one she never said she's happy for me, ever.

second, her hirits are always on the nega side. i know this person too well that i am sure it's all because of inggit cos she's still single and nobody's courting her. also, because she fears of being left out. too bad, i try my best to be a good friend to her, but she just can't hide her envy. it oozed out again recently.

oh, and i remember her saying nega things, too when another girl-buddy of hers got married a few months ago. she was saying all these ill words about that girl when it only boils down to the fact that the girl's getting married and she's not even taken seriously by any man.

tsk tsk, if only she can discover the peace that comes with being secure with oneself, the peace that follows when one is joyful for the blessings their friends receive!

i can't be her guidance counsellor, her shock absorber, her consoler forever! i can't and do not want to always sugarcoat things for her.


i was with some friends tonight. all girls us. then the husband of one of us came just as we were finishing dinner. and they started acting mushy with each other. then us single girls around them slowly and one by one started getting out of our seats, trying to continue with our pocket chikahans and the couple remained oblivious to what's going on.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Guest Seating Arrangement

in a few days/weeks, me and romy will have to face the task of arranging our guests. i know it's going to be challenging and tasking. especially now that a bunch of my friends are not in good terms with each other... who should i seat with whom? they better kiss and make up soon!
... and on with the wedding preps again. :-)
today i finished wrapping the ninang gifts and ento gifts. last night i finished tying the ribbons and ty tags on the souvenirs which honey brought here at home monday night. will start addressing the invites soon, maybe tonight if i dont feel like sleeping yet. learned from my meeting with clarice that i have to prepare more songs for the prelude and the pictorial. oooh, and i thought m done with the music requirements! more things to do, around 2 months to go!
Ok Now.

Delayed Reaction

i was waiting for my mind to signal that it wants to sleep so i tried to kill time by wasting my internet card, which for some reason seem to not want to use up! kanina pa dapat ito ma-cut, hmm, some things can be so pleasantly surprising.

and speaking of surprises, i came across a blog of a friend and churchmate/pex mate and surprise, surprise, he has an entry on me! haha, and that was posted december pa. grabe, super delayed reacion ko naman! but just the same, i'd be texting him tomorrow to comment and thank him for the entry! well, maybe he's still awake by now (as he's also an artist so i suppose he has an errative body clock, too), pero hindi kami masyado close so i'd rather wait na lang in the morning to text him.

so anyway, here's what he wrote:

Monday, December 06, 2004

My writer friend and churchmate who created the hit Fantaserye (fantasy series) Mulawin was featured in one of yesterday's Sunday Times Magazine! The show isn't a surprise to me since she already mentioned its conceptualization last July 11 on our way to a friend's wake in Manila Memorial Park, what surprised me the most was the HUGE following among local TV viewers! I haven't watched any episode beyond the first one because of my erratic schedule but judging from the reactions from the growing number of friends who watch it and from newspaper and magazine reviews, I must say it's really phenomenal! Those who aren't familiar with the show can check out two official blogs: Mulawin Network (which has screenshots from every episode along with the corresponding captions) and Mulawin (where production scenes are explained in detail) to get a feel on what this successful show is all about.

Part of yersterday's article about my friend reads:
Competition gave birth to what is now the biggest hit on prime-time television. And Abi Lam was at the center of it all. Scriptwriters like herself were told that soap operas no longer attracted the audience.

"We were told that what prime time needs now is a 'super soap'," she explains in the vernacular. "One that will get people talking, bowl them over in a positive way. A super soap that will change the trend in Philippine television."

At that time, water creatures were making waves for GMA's rival station so Lam and her fellow GMA writers logically decided on "heavenly creatures."

"We started asking ourselves what characters would be considered 'heavenly creatures'," she continues. "But we decided against angels to avoid a show that's too preachy. And that was when Mulawin was born; a story that would soar high above on the wings of birds."

"In the case of Mulawin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don't show the realities of evil. We do show them but in a way that won't scare the viewers, most especially the children. But at the end of confrontations between the Mulawins and the bad guys, we show what is right and what is good." (read the whole article here)
Awright! I asked her about the release of the entire episodes on DVD and she said that it's still in the works. I can't wait for it to come out so I can finally watch the series without those annoying commercials interrupting my enjoyment.

--- end of entry ---

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday, September 04, 2005

winter Posted by Picasa

It's a Given

Somewhere along the way, people will disappoint you.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

For A Change

I never thought planning for a wedding could be this tedious! Oh, don’t misinterpret me. It’s fun and exciting. But it challenges my organization and time management skills! And I thought I’m a sucker of details… kelangan pa palang dagdagan yun especially when you’re in the thick of it all!

You see, as I always tell my friends, I thought planning for a wedding is just about gown fitting. Hindi pala! That was just 1% of it! Movies about weddings only show the fab side of it. Not the designing of the invites, the traveling back and forth to have the invites changed, and that means not only the design changes, but also spellings, fonts, shades, size, positioning of the names, order and title of principal sponsors, etc.

Then there’s the gown fitting alright. There’s the measurement-taking, the first fitting, second fitting, third fitting, accompanying the entourage to their measurements-taking, their first fitting, meeting re the beadwork on the gown, meeting re the headdress, whew!

Another madugo part of it is the meetings with the caterer. In our case, we had two food tastings. And meetings that I no longer remember how many na so far. Meetings about the linen, the table runners, the shade of ribbons around the guest tables, the flowers for the gazebo, the centerpieces, the color of candles alongside the glass centerpieces, the design of the cake, the flavor of the cake, the inclusions in the sound system, the floorplan, where to place the buffet tables, where to place the iron backdrop, etc etc etc.

Then there’s the hunt for the right ribbons for the invites. The hunt for PS gifts, hunt for the boxes for the PS gifts, hunt for the ribbons for the PS gifts, hunt for the perfect pair of shoes, hunt for the Groom’s barong, and that includes the right fabric, the right embroidery, the right fit.

Music for the event is another area that needed meticulous attention. First you have to choose who your musician will be. Will a band sound better than a quartet? Can the church keyboardist render an equally excellent performance as a professional musical group? Once the instrumentalist is chosen, the singers have to be carefully chosen, too. Also, do they know each other? Do they work well with each other? Do they have common time for the rehearsals? What will the songs be? Do I want a joyful ambience or a more classical theme will be more enchanting? Oh! The to-do list just seem endless!

I’m just glad that yesterday started the official beginning of my coordinator’s coordinating for my wedding. It’s a relief to somehow turn over the contracts to her yesterday. It’s a relief to hear that we’d be going together to the caterer sometime this month for the contract signing. It’s a relief that we’d be going to Intramuros for ocular and discuss the crowd control.

Yesterday’s meeting with Clarice (my dear coordinator) was like a process. Maybe a process for her part coz she had to enumerate and know what I and Romy have accomplished so far. For me, it was a process, too! A process of letting go. It all started when Clarice adviced me not to wear a watch on my wedding day. Huwaaat? Me, Abi-Obssessive-Complusive-Lam not wearing a watch?!?! Hindi ko yata kaya yon! Going through the day without knowing the time? I don’t remember a waking moment in my life that I don’t have a watch or a clock in sight! But Clarice said, kami nang bahala dun! Matataranta ka lang kapag alam mo ang oras. Whoa! Boy she’s right! A large part of me wants to plead and cheat by planning to put my watch and celphone inside my bride’s pouch. But she’s right, trabaho na ng coordinators to make sure we start on time, everybody’s arrived, that we’re right on target, that the sequencing of the programme is followed, etc.

At one point during the meeting, too, as she was listing down the details for the processional and what will happen during the reception, I asked her, “Bibigyan mo rin ako ng copy niyan, right?” She smiled and said, “Hindi.” Kasi nga naman daw, diba? It’s my wedding and I should just enjoy myself! Kaya nga may coordinators kasi sila na ang bahala sa flow on the wedding day mismo. I must admit, my hand was itching to jot down what we were discussing. Well, yeah, aamin na ako… may mga naisulat din ako nang pasimple, kahit she said I should not bother myself as to who walks first during the processional and who’s next, etc.

Oh well, this is new to me. And I must say it’s a welcome treat. To have someone doing things for me. I’m not used to it, really! I’ve always been the one listing and implementing. I need to accept that I have coordinators. At least for the next 2 ½ months. I better enjoy this!