Monday, April 17, 2017


My husband and I finally decided to have our cable subscription terminated. We've been contemplating on doing so for almost a year now since we realize we haven't been maximizing the channels actually. Ever since we've acquired our Sony TV with Youtube capacity, we barely watch TV shows anymore.

So we finally convinced our daughter that there really is no need for a cable subscription and that we'll just have our internet connection upgraded by PLDT. We also bought an ABS CBN TV PLUS unit which wasn't very easy to install because maybe we were doing something wrong or something, like the antenna being away from the window perhaps.

The antenna

So anyway, it's been barely a week since we've had our TV Plus and we're quite okay with it. There are limited channels though but we're okay with it. One just have to look for the right spot to place the antenna so make sure speed and quality are okay. My daughter, however was disappointed to know that YEY! Channel doesn't carry a lot of programs that appeals to her. She only likes Team Yey and an occasional dose of Knowledge Channel.

Anyway, for P1,499 and no monthly fees, we're quite fine with our unit. My husband is loving his ABS-CBN Mobile though because of the I Want TV option that he can utilize for when his phone's mobile data decides to act up during his travels.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Shake n Take Product Review

I've always wanted to juice fruits and vegetables but the thought of setting up the blender and washing all those individual partssss, make me feel so lazy. We used to have a Phillips Blender, a Kyowa one, and another brand I already forgot but aside from the many parts that I have to wash after, these equipment all take a lot of space on our kitchen counter.

That's why when I came across the Shake and Take, I looked up a good deal from and placed an order that same day.

We've been using our Shake and Take for more than a week now and so far, we're happy with the purchase. We've tried making bananas and Arla Strawberry Milkshake, papaya and watermelon shake, cucumber and honey, and today we'll try using carrots.

it's really convenient and easy to operate even my 9 year old daughter can use it anytime she wants. Careful when handling the blades, though but other than that, she's free to blend her fruits by herself.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Enchanted Kingdom

Sharing a few of our photos from our recent visit/surprise pasyal for my daughter.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why You Should Sign Up Your Kid to Mcdo Kiddie Crew - just my mommy thoughts :)

Summer is here and one of default summer activities we always come up with is to join the McDonald's Kiddie Crew program.
It's been years since my daughter joined one and it's proven to be one of the most memorable and valuable activities she's had.
Let me count the ways.

1. It's affordable. For less than P600, your kid gets the fun and experience, plus the exposure, the uniform, free meals, ID, cap, and sling bag.

2. It's convenient. They're available in all McDonald's branches. It's just a matter of picking a branch near you.

3. The program runs on a per batch basis. This way, it's easier to choose the week that's convenient for you.

4. Kids get to meet new friends, both kids and adults alike.

5. The staff are always accommodating and are genuinely concerned. My daughter kept saying that her "teachers" are nice and funny.

6. It teaches life skills like taking turns, cooperation, discipline, being tidy, being polite, keeping promises and proper hygiene.

These and the memories you will create indeed are worth signing up for the McDo Kiddie Crew summer program!