Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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The Fourth Florist

extra challenge talaga itong paghahanap ng florist! today i met with the fourth florist on my list. haaay, kapagod na ito! paulit-ulit kong ie-explain ang flower requirements ko, ang mga designs na gusto ko sa venue, etc.

the first florist, i'd be blunt... is walang kakwenta-kwenta. walang katorya-torya. tipong ganito:

abi: hindi mo ba isusulat yung mga requirements ko?
siya: ay, oo nga.
abi: may paper ka?

FLORIST 1 rummages thru her bag. no paper produced.

abi: i need din kasi this paper, eh. dito nakalista yung ento ko, and other info.

FLORIST 1 makes hagilap pa rin sa bag. finally, may mahahagilap na maliit at gula-gulanit na resibo.

siya: eto, pwede na siguro 'to.

FLORIST 1 tries to straighten out the gula-gulanit na paper.

siya: may ballpen ka? peram ha?

she then starts to scribble, pero very uncertain pa rin.

siya: ano-ano nga ulit yung requirements mo sa flowers?

and that was after i've explained everything to them na, after we did ocular na... haler?! nakikinig ba siya in the first place?!

grrr, waste of time and money talaga na ni-meet pa namin siya! fortunate pa nga si romy, once niya lang na-meet. ako, twice pa! hmp, bakit ba kasi nakilala ko pa yun!

The Cake Maker

Today, ma and i went to meet with the Cake Maker at the shang. well, she was 30minutes late but made up for lost time by making the meeting very productive. down to business na agad. and she was prepared. she brought photos of the cakes she's made over the years, tho she didnt bring any sample. i would have loved to have a taste of her baking.

nwei, miss bennette of w@w vouched for them naman, that they're very professional, the cakes taste really good, and the look of the cake is excellent. i saw that naman sa photos that she brought. in less than 10 minutes, i saw the cake i wanted for the wedding. bagay na bagay sa cake topper that i bought, miss virgie will just incorporate the details and the design and make the look more wedding-ly.

i can say that i'm happy and looking forward to the cake she's going to make for me. she'll give me the details and color combinations in august.

Friday, May 27, 2005

couple's tag with gerbera flowers Posted by Hello

mock-up invites, white version Posted by Hello

couple's tag with wine goblets Posted by Hello

last saturday, we were finally able to get our mock-up invites. see how they look like. ganda ba?  Posted by Hello

the little ones... Posted by Hello

our mock-up thank you tags Posted by Hello

our mock-up invites. green version. with stickers and ty tags. Posted by Hello

So Far...

ceremony and reception venue - casablanca, plaza san luis, intramuros manila.

date and time: nov 24 05 430pm

color motif: fuschia and bright/neon green

theme: precious Moments

caterer: Better Pan Catering, paid dp na. done with food tastings.

photo-video : paul vincent photography. paid dp na.

invitations: printed matter. mock-up invites done, to discuss revisions.

couturier: tet hagape. done with measurements taking. to pay dp in two weeks.

ento gowns: tet hagape, will take measurements june 5.

cake: c/o caterer

coordinator: clarice of Events to Remember. havent paid any yet, pero bonding na kami since march.

musicians: belle, albert, jimrod. might get musicians for the instrumentals during the ceremony.

sound system: c/o caterer

independent and unity candle: to be designed by my papa dear.

florist, rings, honeymoon booking, shoes, jewleries, hmua, bridal car, barongs and pants, souvenirs, gifts, misalette, scripts, bridal registry, hotel preps, day itinerary, avp, songs list --- wala pa!!!!

So Far part 2

ups, kulang pa pala...

no nso-certified birth certificate yet.

marriage license, to be secured in september pa.

engagement seminar: ongoing every saturday morning.

gifts for principal sponsors : none pa.

gifts for female ento: done.

gifts for parents: wala pa rin.

guest database: di ko pa maasikaso.

headpiece: la pa. might book The Burloly Box to customize one for me.

veil, cord, secondary vein, pouch: c/o couturier tet hagape.

arrhae: la pa.

as well as the marriage vows.

officiating pastor: Ptr Julius Fabregas

shower parties: assigned ate coco to head UP singels send-off, my sister belle for VCF shower, and clarissa for GMA shower.

Monday, May 23, 2005

my honey with my nephew luigiboy Posted by Hello

the main invite Posted by Hello

our bearers...  Posted by Hello

sample of our personalized tags and stickers. Posted by Hello

our mock-up invitations! Posted by Hello

from left to right: small candle with dolphins, given to chato. big candle with dancing dolphins given to my honey. small candle with flowers given to ate coco. Posted by Hello

more candles Posted by Hello

my latest hobby ... beaded candles! Posted by Hello

my honey with my balikbayan aunt, Auntie Aury Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

I Love Romy

I Love Romy! I Love Romy! I Love Romy!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

The More I See You

Romy and I went to our wedding venue yesterday. It’s my 3rd visit to the place and I found myself liking it more and more. My visits confirm to me that we made the right choice in choosing this place for our special event.

Trip to Divi

Last Saturday, Romy and I braved the summer heat and went to Divi. The items to do on my list were buy arrhae, buy unity candle, check out souvenir raw materials, check out gowns and barongs in Cluster Mall, talk to modistas, and of course, buy Darna stuff. Oh, and yes, buy shirts and/or skirts. The arrhae we saw look cheap. My prospective coordinator Clarice advised me not to buy the unity candle this early, there were very common souvenir items and nothing caught our fancy. The gowns, however, were amazingly cheap! As in a nicely-beaded gown costs P5,500 only! Flower girl dresses at P350! I cant vouch for the quality, though, but looking at them gowns from a distance, they look twenty thousand-ish! Well anyway, I was able to buy Darna masks, textcards, and paper dolls. I got to buy a summer bag, two sets of colorful bracelets (y’know naman me, I like all kinds of colors), 10 pcs fan for my aunts as my give-aways on mother’s day, and two shirts for me. Romy was able to buy a shirt and an extension cord. Hehe. Tagal namin sa Divi, mas marami pa akong nabili sa kanya… to think I let go of a nice pair of shoes that I cant stop thinking of until now. How I regret not getting them!

So anyway, we went home tired but happy. Though we weren’t able to buy anything for the wedding, the time was fun and worth it. Quality time talaga. And I love the fact that both Romy and I love to shop. As in wala rin siyang kapaguran sa paglibot sa buong Tutuban Prime Block, Cluster Mall, Tabora Street, and Divisoria Mall. Kaaliw talaga that here’s another thing that we enjoy doing together.

And so the search for the perfect gown maker continues…