Monday, April 21, 2008

I Like

if my 7 month old daughter Aliya can now write, here's a list i know she'd want to make:

"I Like"

Sound of plastic bags
Chewing plastic and paper, much to mommy’s objection
Books, reading (my fave book is the Baby Jesus Board Book from Tita Jacque)
Watching “Brainy Baby” and “Your Baby Can Read”
Mommy’s bolster
Milk more than water
Pedcee more than Ferlin and Tikitiki
Chewing my toes
Chewing all my fingers
Practicing how to walk
Slapping daddy’s face
Slapping mommy’s neck, chest, legs
When daddy starts closing all the windows, because that means he’s going to turn on the aircon next!
Rolling over pillows and bolsters
Swinging my legs
Watching dad’s aquarium
Chewing corners of blankets, pillow cases, edge of mommy’s pajamas
Playing with non-toys like the TV remote, mom’s cellphone, plastic container of my cotton balls, unused diapers
Strolling outdoors early in the morning and late in the afternoon
Watching my animated face in the mirror
Tapping mommy’s computer keyboard
Spraying my saliva
Twitching my nose
Making “gigil”
Dancing the “Gorgeous Gorgeous” song that dad and mom composed
Arms Up and Arms Down exercise
Mommy’s massage
Slapping the wall
Grasping the bedframe
Rattles, toy keys, real keys
Ninang AA’s monkey gift which mommy named Monkey Bee (because he’s a monkey but he looks like Jollibee)
Looking around during car and cab rides

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Job Openings in GMA TV

- ETV publicity specialist
- TV transmitter systems engineer
- VTR Automation engineer
- Production Coordinator
- Accountant (Contractual)
- Jr. Accountant
- GL Unit head
- management Accounting section head
- IT Specialist
- Satellite Systems Engineer
- Assistant Unit head, technical
- moving image artist
- SR. videographic artist
- audio editor
- Art director
- Copy Specialist
- SR. Desk editor
- Editor
- research analyst
- research executive
- research manager

*Interested partiescan submit the
following requirements to RECRUITMENT
SECTION of the GMA 7 HRD department:

-Comprehensive Resume
-Transcript of records
_ 2 x 2 picture


GMA Network Inc, GMA Complex Edsa Cor.
Timog Ave, Diliman, Q.C.
Tel: 982-7777 loc. 2505 / 2506 / 2512
e-mail add:
(indicate the position desired at the
subject heading)

For info's re the positions kindly
check the website:

Rule of Fours

Rule of Fours

4 jobs i have had:
VTR Girl/Camerawoman for a Talent Agency
Copy Writer for an Ad Agency
Account Executive for a Telecommunications company
Writer for an Entertainment and Booking Company
Now a Scriptwriter for a TV network

4 movies i watched over and over:

Lord of the Rings trilogy
Sleepless in Seattle
Cape Fear
Scent of a Woman

4 places i have lived:

Project 4, Quezon City
Noveleta, Cavite
UP-BREHA, Baguio City
Area 2, UP Diliman

4 shows i watch:

America’s Next Top Model
Kid Nation
Extreme Make-over, Home Edition

4 people who email me:

My newlyweds yahoogroup
My highschool yahoogroup.
My college yahoogroup
A churchmate
4 favorite things to eat:
Sinigang na baboy
Chicken feet – my dad’s recipe

4 places i would rather be:

Basta andun family, hubby and baby ko.
4 things i look forward to this year:
Completion of the construction of our house!
moving in to our own home!
God’s wonderful plans for me now that I’ve changed networks.
My baby Aliya’s first bday! ( we might just have a private and mini gathering with the family)

I'm tagging Jacque, Anna, Rhoda, Shelley. forward to your answers.