Monday, April 18, 2005

i read in my w@w group that the Precious Moments Megamall branch is on currently on sale. i know i wont be able to pass up the chance and so i went to mega this afternoon, excited to buy a cake topper. well yes, they do have items at 50-60% off. however, those items are not naman in any way representing me and romy. like, there's this cute figurine of a boy playing tennis. romy's not naman a tennis player. there's this girl with a book. i love reading but said figurine does not completely capture my personality. in short, i ended up not buying anything. i just proceeded to tower records and bought a cd of The Corrs. yun nga lang, i forgot to grab a copy of Romancing Venus. my friend Honey is part of it, i think she read one of the poems there. next trip, i guess.
It's my turn to write D* this week. So that means i'd lay low na muna from my wedding preps. I was supposed to meet with a prospective florist today but she begged off because of the transport strike. Well i guess I won't be able to meet with her this week yet. Nakaka-bitin lang. But I'm excited to write again. It's been two weeks since i last wrote a full D* Script. The episode we're airing now is mine. I hope this rates. We dipped a little last week. In Jesus's Name, please make this week rate. And guide me please as i write my sequence treatment and script these next few days. In the name of Jesus Almight, the Great Scriptwriter of all, Amen!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Answered Prayers:

Booked the venue without any problems. Booked the date we really wanted.

Booked Caterer and PhotoVideo. Thank God for the provision, for affordable packages, for friendly and professional contact persons.

For supportive and helpful families and friends.

Prayer List:

Discernment in finding and choosing the couturier to do the Bridal Gown, as well as the entourage Gowns. For very affordable packages without sacrificing the excellence and craftsmanship.

Successful meeting with florist, best choice for the florist. For this supplier as well as the others to meet our expectations and be able to excel without us having to shell out more money than we originally planned.

To be able to finally decide on the motif of the wedding.

To be able to book our invites supplier at an affordable rate without sacrificing craftsmanship and excellence.

For abundant provision. For the money to overflow, not only for the wedding needs but also for the married life.

For a growing, dynamic and healthy relationship with each other and with the Lord.

For good health for the two of us, as well as for all of our family members.

*** thank you so much for being part of this journey. May God richly bless and reward you as well.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Been a little diverted lately, therefore I wasn’t able to post updates in these blog. But I’m proud to say that last week, Romy and I were able to book and pay the downpayment not only to our caterer, but also to our photo-video supplier! Yahoo! I feel good about these accomplishments.

This week, I’ve met with a gown maker and I loved the gown she showed me. However, she’s not a designer so I’m not sure if when she tells me it’s bagay to me, it really is bagay to me. Haha, in short, wala akong tiwala. Also, she’s kinda pricey. I didn’t book her yet, but I still have the design of the gown in my mind. I just saw the design in one of her catalogs and showed it to her. Sabi niya bagay naman daw. But just the same, I’m meeting another girl tomorrow. This time, designer talaga siya, and I’ve heard good reviews about her work. Tingnan lang natin kung swak ba siya sa budget namin. After the designer, I have a meeting with the florist. Prospective pa lang, I’m not committed to her yet. But the good thing is, she’s recommended by an acquaintance, and she’s not pricey. Very affordable. I just hope magkasundo kami sa standards and flowers to use.

My w@w friend Jacque offered to accompany me to the 2nd designer, but mama is willing naman and free tomorrow, so I’ll go with ma na muna. Though one of these days, Jacque and I might have coffee together. Malapit lang siya, I think she;s from pasig and her h2b is from Cainta.

Next would be the invites. I know already where to have our invites done. Jacque booked them, too and I’ve seen their work, maganda nga at mura. Maybe that’ll be our itinerary this weekend, or next week. This weekend, by the way, Romy and I will drop by one of our ninang’s. I actually haven’t met her. She’s Gerald’s mom and I heard she’s nice and very accommodating.

So there, yun lang muna mga updates. I have to do my prayer list now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Josh Groban's Song "You Raise Me Up"

"when I am down, and oh my soul's so weary when troubles come and my heart burdened be...

Then I am still and wait here in the silence until you come and sit a while with me...

You raise up so I can stand on mountains, you raise me up to walk on stormy seas, I am stong when I am on your shoulders, you raise me up to more than can be."

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sweet Honey

Today my Honey Romy dropped by the house to bring me apples, ponkans and ice cream! yipeee! had a nice time hanging around and just watching tv. i didnt mind watching the Amazing Race all over again, too. Aliw panoorin si Honey haba siyang nanonood tv. hehe.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Not Feeling Well

... and so, maybe because of the weather and the fact that i've been out under the sun yesterday, here i am feeling sick, dizzy, feverish. haaay. i wanted pa naman sana to go to Divisoria and check out what stuff i can buy there for my DIY projects.

Not Able to Book

i was supposed to pay the reservation fee for the caterer last Friday. however, i went to six yes, six atms and they were all offline. ok, 4 were offline and the other two says they couldn't read my card. ugh! and to think that those atms were far away from each other. the umbrella i had wasn't too helpful as the sun is just too masungit it pricks and stings my skin. and since i had no key to the house anymore, i had no choice but to go to galleria at 4pm even if my dinner with Romy is set at 7pm pa! i ended up watching na lang Ms Congeniality 2. but still, pangit pa rin ng feeling na wala akong na-accomplish. huhu.