Sunday, April 05, 2015

Play Date at Dreamplay by Dreamworks, City of Dreams, Manila

One of the things we've been looking forward was the opening of the newest kiddie attraction in Manila, Dreamplay at the City of Dreams, Manila.

Each time we go visit our relatives in the province, we always pass by Aseana in Pasay that's why we're excited for its opening. And so last Saturday, April 4, my husband and I decided to surprise our daughter with a trip to Dreamplay! Funny how clueless she was that in fact, the night before, she's asking me if Dreamplay has finally opened and what's taking it so long.

Early Saturday, we went to Megamall to take the shuttle to City of Dreams. Our daughter was so giggly upon realizing where we were going! The shuttle was free and we instantly felt we were in a shuttle in Hongkong or Singapore. It left Megamall at exacly 10 am and we were in City of Dreams 30 minutes after.

I'm just gonna post some photos for now and I promise to write a more detailed review soon.