Monday, April 16, 2007

What Brings Me Joy?

1. Waking up each morning and finding my husband Romy next to me.
2. Waking up in the middle of the night feeling my husband’s arms around me.
3. Waking up in the morning with new inspiration, with renewed passion, with positive thoughts, with excitement for whatever lies ahead, or in mornings when I know my husband doesn’t have to go to work and we can spend the whole day together.
4. Being able to have a meaningful, quality time with God.
5. Caressing, resting my palms on my growing tummy and feeling my baby kick.
6. Looking at the calendar each day, knowing that each day is a day nearer to our baby’s arrival.
7. Monthly consultations with my OB Dr Florante Gonzaga and hearing him say that everything’s going smoothly, that my baby is doing great.
8. Hearing my baby’s heartbeat through the Doppler device.
9. Transvaginal ultrasound that doesn’t hurt.
10. Weighing myself and gaining just the right weight.
11. Being able to connect to the internet without delay or hassle.
12. Finding an informative, browser-friendly site on the internet, whether it be about pregnancy, or house-keeping, or parenting, or whatever topic interests me.
13. Checking my emails and reading personal mails from friends.
14. Successfully downloading pictures from my cellphone to my PC, or from my PC to my Multiply site.
15. Being able to experiment and whip up a delightful dish.
16. Bringing one of my proudly cooked-dishes to my parents’ house and seeing their reactions.
17. Eating out with my husband, and occasionally, with my parents and sister.
18. Chatting with my girlfriends over lunch, dinner or merienda.
19. Receiving my monthly subscription of Reader’s Digest.
20. Finding out that our Meralco bill isn’t as steep as we fear it to be.
21. Things at home that give us comfort: My trusty computer, our reliable airconditioner, our shower, our bed, our microwave.
22. Waking up in the morning knowing that it’s Sunday and we get to go to church and spend time with God, see our friends and family, eat out and stroll around the mall.
23. People saying that my tummy is getting bigger.
24. Wearing maternity clothes.
25. The prospect of a lazy day when I can just browse the net, catch up on filing papers and bills, watch DVDs, experiment on cooking, read a good book, or just lay in bed feeling my baby move.
26. Watching DVDs of my favorite TV series and movies.
27. Finishing an entry in my journal.
28. Comfort food like California Maki, nachos with everything on it, cold fruits like pakwan, melon, apples, grapes.
29. Fresh garden salads, fresh fruit shakes.
30. Hearing the sound of the dolphin chime in our house.
31. Salonpas, Vicks vaporub, manzanilla. They were some of my best friends especially during my first trimester of pregnancy.
32. Singing a familiar, touching praise or worship song in church.
33. Receiving text messages from friends.
34. Receiving a call about a new show or project where I am episode writer.
35. Our investment fund. Knowing that the money we invested is earning its interest.
36. My husband whose sense of humor never fails. He dances for me, too!
37. An interesting back issue of a magazine I really like. The fact that I got it for a lower price gives me joy as well!
38. Receiving a text from my husband saying he’s already on his way home.
39. Hearing the sound of our gate knowing that my husband has arrived safe and sound.
40. Planning special occasions which I know will make my parents happy. Coming up with nice gimmick ideas for friends and loved ones.
41. Receiving gifts from friends and loved ones, especially those that are unexpected.
42. Dinner with our newlywed friends Jacque and Simon, and Karla and Alex, or with Gerald and Emily, and Jimrod and Seth.
43. The fact that Romy and I will be parents very very soon.
44. Being able to buy nice things at discounted prices.
45. Traveling!
46. Flea markets, nice but inexpensive restaurants, pet shops.
47. A nice book or CD that somebody lent to me.
48. Meetings that start on time and end early.
49. Basic, Avis or MGE Taxi just when you need them.
50. Checking in excellent hotels. Buffet breakfasts, bubble baths, foot spas, clean sheets, good airconditioning, excellent service, cozy bathrooms.
51. The fact that I am able to list 50 blessings, and the fact that I can come up with more! 