Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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The Three Loverboys Gerald, Jim, and my fiance Romy! Sweet yang mga yan! Posted by Hello

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the night he proposed, he presented me with a ring, knelt down, then popped the question i thought i will only hear in movies... "Abi, will you marry me?" Posted by Hello

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Meeting with a Wedding Organizer

Yesterday it seemed like I woke up at the wrong side of the bed. I wasn’t very chirpy. I know what the root was… I feel panicky and irritated that I’m making very little progress with the wedding preparations. I’ve visited a lot of websites, brought a book, went through magazines but haven’t really done any work yet. Romy and I have listed down our entourage but that isn’t final yet. I’ve made my guest list but that needs some revising still. The point is, I haven’t decided on a venue, haven’t talked to a wedding coordinator, haven’t decided on anything except for the wedding date.

The wedding coordinator a friend recommended to me adds to my frustration, too. It takes her at least 3 hours to reply to my texts. Sometimes she replies a day after! How can I rely and trust her if she’s like that? Friends tell me I can do it without a coordinator. They tell me that they’ve done it, and that I can do it, too. What they don’t understand is my schedule is unpredictable. Unlike them, I don’t hold regular office hours. My weeks can go from super nothing-to-do to extremely busy. I don’t want to be caught in the middle of the preparations while having to write a hundred page-script for my next telefantasya. I don’t want to be scheduling a meeting with the florist but having to cancel it at the last minute because of a presscon or a storycon or an interview I have to make for the other show I’m writing for. Ah basta, in short, I need a wedding coordinator.

So anyway, Mama (who proves to be very supportive and sweet) and I went to this wedding shop near our village hoping to speak to someone who can give some light to this big task ahead of me. The owner wasn’t there, but we were able to get fliers with their packages and inclusions. We next went to another events shop and there we stayed for almost two hours. The owner-coordinator is very helpful and accommodating. He really made my day. His ideas are wonderful and he’s willing to work within the budget I told him. He also gave me ideas as to where to hold the wedding. Ah basta, ok siya.

Last night, my honey Romy had dinner here at home with my family. He also brought a copy of the Tin Tin Bersola DVD titled Planning Your Dream Wedding. I told him about my meetings and explained the package inclusions. We agreed on what among the inclusions we can make do without, and what we can haggle for. I’m glad he’s someone who listens and is supportive. He’s very practical and understanding. Hindi siya naiinip kapag andami ko pang pinapabasa, pinapakitang lists and fliers, kapag nagdadadaldal ako at nagrereklamo. Dun pa lang blessing na. I couldn’t imagine going through all these tasks with someone else. At times nga I feel that maybe he’s nakukulitan na sa akin, pero still, nakikinig pa rin siya. There are times that I’d just call him up in the middle of the day and rave about some wedding idea I’ve read on the net without even asking if he’s eaten na, or if he’s okay ba. But good thing the Holy Spirit always whispers to me na, “Huy, hinay hinay lang. Tanungin mo muna kung kumain na ba siya, kung busy ba siya.”
Anyway, isn’t God wise and sweet? He not only gave me a fiancĂ©, He also gave me a best friend.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Making Lists

Attended VCF-Ubelt yesterday with Romy. Happy to see his friends there, who are now my friends as well. We went with Ric, then I first saw Francis, Gerald, Jimrod, Richard and Aries. He instroduced me, too to a lot of other men and women friends of his, whose names I hope to recall when I see them again. But the point is, I’m glad Romy is proud of me. I feel so special around him.

What made yesterday exciting is because we sat down and discussed about our wedding. Over Chocolate Shake and Choco Parfait, we listed down who will be our ninongs and ninangs. We browsed some of the wedding invitations he’s received through the years and made them references in the lists we need to make. We thought of who will be principal as well as secondary sponsors. We discussed prospective venues and wedding motif. It’s work, but it’s so much fun!

At one point, while he was talking to me about something, (I barely remember what it was about), I was just staring at him and saying to myself… this is the man God sent me to marry. Here I am discussing wedding plans and preparations with this man. He is a gift from God. His is the face I will wake up with every morning. His is the voice I will be hearing for the rest of my life. These are the hands I will hold, comfort and be comforted by from now on. These are the eyes I shall share a bright future with. He is the answer to my prayers.

He is whom God has been telling me all these years to wait up and pray for.

And I’m glad that by God’s grace, I listened. I’m glad by God’s grace I waited.

Happy me! J

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The First Meeting

Tomorrow marks the first meeting Romy and I are going to have regarding our wedding plans. Whew! Totohanan na ‘to!

God, we need you! Be our Wedding Planner, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Perfect Wedding Book

I went to Powerbooks in Megamall last Thursday with the clear purpose of researching on wedding prepations. I am excited for the wedding, but at the same time, I am overwhelmed and afraid. But God is so sweet. He brought to my attention a book on the sale rack with the title “How to Plan the Perfect Wedding without Going Broke.”

Hah! Not only was the title perfect, but also the price (50% off), and the contents are extensive and very very helpful! They even have templates, checklists, countdown calendars, list formats, tips! Being an organized person, this book is a sure buy for me!

I grabbed two other Wedding books and sat on the coffeeshop inside Powerbooks and ordered mango juice. I scanned over the other books and jot down what tips I can get from them, but opted to buy the first book at 50% off.

Now I’m a happy girl. Toting the Powerbooks shopping bag, I can’t wait to get home and start working.

Monday, February 14, 2005

It Happened To Me!

As first entry to this newly-formed blog, let me give you the backstory.

I am a scriptwriter by profession. I have written more or less 300 scripts. Mostly for television, as I sometimes write videos, plays, musicals, live skits, etc. Mostly love related – from teeny bopper light romance to heavy adult drama. And although I am currently writing a fantasy-adventure show, I still believe a major engine of said show is the romance angle.

So you see, I’ve read and written a lot of those mushy stuff, love quotes, even pakilig devices and styles through these years. And although I’ve always longed for a love story of my own, I went through times when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. If there is a quotation that says, “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” in my case it was more of an “Always the writer, never the lead actress,” or “Always the author, never the protagonist.”

I was always weaving up romantic, uber kilig stories for my characters. I was always planning and orchestrating and writing about how their men swept them off their feet, how they met someone who eventually will turn out to be their destiny, how a friend ended up admitting his feelings for the girl, how despite the odds two hearts still win over the trials, how after so much pain and frustration two unsuspecting characters found true love in each other’s arms. In short, I was not only writing these characters, but I was also playing God to them. I determine where and when and how their paths would come across each other. I determine when the divine appointment takes place, I determine when they’ll meet again, I determine what problems they’ll face and I provide solutions to those problems. I orchestrate complications so life wont be so easy for them, so that they’ll learn to appreciate it when peace and joy floods over their love. I cook up both happy and painful events and situations. I place plots and subplots to complicate their life even more. I write down a third party, a returning ex, a white lie here and there, an unapproving parent, a financial problem, a cause for jealousy, a song that reminds them of a special memory, a loveletter they thought was long thrown away, a photograph that opens the floodgates of either pain or exuberance, and the list goes on and on. As I said, I play God to them. It’s fun. I’m telling you, it really is! Aside from doing what I love to do, which is writing and story-telling, I get to earn and enjoy the fruit of my labor.

But just the same, it crosses my mind… when will my turn be? When will God orchestrate things so that I will someday bump into the guy who will eventually be my man? When will my divine appointment be? Or has it already happened but the guy still doesn’t have the guts to speak up? Or am I like some of my characters who are just meant to be supporting cast to my main ensemble, therefore they need not end up with anyone after all? Y’know, the very important and every-present “best friend” role. Always giving advice, never needing one. The listening ear, the shoulder to cry on, the sounding board. I subconsciously ask, am I just the sounding board? Or will I ever get to be the love interest?

So anyway, I was like that after I broke up with my 5-year relationship with my college boyfriend 8 years ago. I was like that until late November of last year. I was like that until I knew that I am, once again, after a very long time… in love!

You see, I’ve known my Romeo since 3 years ago. I instantly felt respect and fondness of him when we started our friendship. But the romance angle just couldn’t fit into my mind’s eye. Or maybe I was just pushing it away, denying the possibility of it. Our communication went on and off for three years. At first we were exchanging emails like 5 times a day. After maybe a month or so, we drifted apart. I was crushing on someone else then, and the idea that Romy might be the one just didn’t make it into my system. After some time, my feelings for my then crush (or crushes) wavered. It wasn’t a strong and serious liking anyway.

Until Romy made his presence felt again early last year. But since I was not interested, I kept saying that I was busy each time he asks for a “gimik.” You see, I think he, too was afraid of making it sound so lovey-dovey, so he never used the term “date.” In late July, after some prodding from my college friend Chato, I finally agreed to go out with Romy. The “gimik” went fine, but it took a month and a half before he asked me out again. I noticed, but I didn’t mind. On September 19, we had lunch together. I was sure he was interested, but I wasn’t ready for what he has to say. To cut the long story short, he laid down his intentions that day. Although I was feeling that he was up to something, I didn’t expect it to be that. In fact, I didn’t expect it to be that soon! That night I gave him permission to court me. But deep in my heart, I know I was just giving this guy a chance. And yes, I must admit, I was just curious. To be courted by a mature Christian man must be different and special. Not knowing that I was in for something grand.

The rest of September and the whole of October, there was very little progress with regards to my fondness of him. I enjoy his company so much, but to consider going beyond that was unthinkable. I was so close to turning him down in fact. But November came and things slowly changed for me. My mind and heart were telling me something else. I knew God was telling me something, but I kept on denying it. I was denying that I was now falling for him. I was denying that I am getting more fond of him. But God’s voice booms inside of me I can’t keep on turning away. And so, after much prayer and seeking counsel, on December 4, I finally said yes to him.

Our relationship was God-centered. He makes me feel special and loved and delighted upon. He makes me feel like a princess, like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. For a first timer, he definitely knows how to be a boyfriend. I feel so protected, cared for and loved. There were times, though, that I don’t feel like reciprocating. There were times of doubt and fear and uncertainty. But then again, God’s peace sweeps over me like a river that on February 12, when Romy finally proposed, what came out of my mouth was what my heart speaks so loudly about… I said, “Yes. In Jesus’ Name.”

Peace, joy and love. Sweet romances, dreams coming true. It doesn’t only happen in movies and TV shows.

It can happen in real life.

It happened to me!