Monday, November 17, 2014

Blims Warehouse Sale 2014

Once again, the Blims Warehouse Sale is ongoing starting Nov 14. The warehouse can be found along Williams Street in Mandaluyong. Coming from Shaw Blvd, take Pioneer Street. You wont miss the huge tarpaulins they've set up at the corner of Williams and Pioneer.

Drive a little bit more and you'll find the Automatic Center Holiday Sale. On my way to Reliance Street the other day, I also saw the Ethan Allen is also on sale.

But last weekend, we decided to drop by Blims and here are some photos.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sta Elena Fun Farm

The first time we went to Sta Elena Fun Farm in Laguna was on Mothers Day this year. We had fun because we were really craving for something to do and somewhere to spend this day aside from the mall. My daughter's favorite was the play area set up by Waldorf School, since she loves pretend play. She liked the cooking toys so much and the rag dolls, too.

Her second favorite was the fishing area and animal feeding area. Feeding the bunnies with carrots was an experience for her. She did enjoy the carabao ride, though it took us more time to wait for our ride than the actual "tour." Foodies like us enjoyed the wide variety of food stalls and choices. But since they're mostly organic, most of the food options area of course, more expensive than usual.

For this year's school excursion, Sta Elena was our first stop. My girl, being the only second timer there in her class, was feeling "tour guide" haha! She also tried a lot of other stuff that she didn't dare try during the first visit. She rode the horse alone, and took the carabao ride with only her classmates. I was thrilled that she was facing her fears and trying to conquer them.
The boat ride was fun, too, though I was the one who was itching for the boat ride to be over. Just looking at how icky the water looked makes me cringe!

But the highlight of this second visit was when she rode the ZIPLINE! Oh how nervous I was! She didn't want to try it at first but I knew she was just giving herself time to calculate the risk, haha! I was praying silently while waiting for her turn, I was half-expecting she'd back out the last minute. But when she wore the helmet and the harness was being attached to her and she wasn't showing any signs of backing out, I knew she's ready for another milestone. And so she did... she took the zipline and she made it! I was prouder than her, actually! I was so enthralled that I texted my husband and my mom right away!

So there, to sum up our Sta Elena experience, I must say it was a good experience.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yexel's Toy Museum

For this year's school field trip, included in the itinerary of my daughter's excursion was a trip to Yexel's Toy Museum. Since it's a museum that involves toys, both me and my girl are so looking forward to it. We were thinking we might be able to buy hard-to-find toys there both for her, and as gifts for Christmas. But of course I did some research on the very day that I heard about this, and I must say it didn't excite me.

So on the third week of September, off we went with the entire school. This toy museum was the last stop for the day, and in my humble opinion, it wasn't wow enough as a field trip climax. 3 minutes inside and my daughter, as well as her close girl buddies were already bored. 10 minutes inside, with all those busts of Batman characters and my daughter was already begging to leave.

Some photos...

Fun at Kidzoona

When I first heard about the PISO per hour promo of Kidzoona, I knew we have to avail of it. My daughter, a sucker for play areas in malls, will definitely love it there. And me, the ever practical mom who just loooves promos knew I have to bring my darling to this Kidzoona place. Another greeeat thing about it is that it's just inside Robinson's Galleria. Our fave mall! So fave that we're there EVERY SINGLE Sunday! Well of course, our church is in Galleria, so we practically spend almost the entire day in Galleria most weekends, plus we love that it's never too crowded, even during sale days.

So as I was sayin' my kid loves Kidzoona so much we were there on a Sunday, then went back two days after, then went back, a day after! Yep, that's three days in just one week! And a total of 6 hours of play. And how much did I spend? Do ask me, dear because I'm just so so proud to say that I spent P6.00! Okay, P5, because there was a time when my daughter handed out a peso from her pocket, haha!

Enough of the words, now. Let me just share with you some our our snapshots while inside this new play area in the Metro. Oh, let me just point out, though, that the Piso per hour promo is over and it's now P200 per hour. For the Pretend Play area, kids up to 8 years old are allowed. But I think they allow up to 12 yr olds for the inflatables and giant slides.