Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yema Cake! Yema Cake!

Just two weeks ago, my husband went on an out of town trip and brought home a roll of yema cake. It was yummy, but not memorable. Just yesterday, an online group of moms of which I am a member brought up the topic of ordering yema cakes from Quezon Province. I wasn't into it at first because waiting for cake for almost a week (due to delivery schedule) doesn't appeal to me that much. But when one of my friends from the same group mentioned about this bakery near our place that makes super yummy and not too sweet yema cakes, I started to drool! I googled their bakeshop and intended to drop by yesterday. But it took me more time in the bank than I expected so I ended up going home after my errand. But while I was putting my daughter to sleep in the afternoon, I still couldn't stop thinking about the prospect of ordering. I texted them and was super glad to know they deliver to our place! Woohoo!

So today, my first delivery of Kuya Jun's Yummy Yema Cake came and I'm just waiting for my daughter to get home from school, and my husband to wake up from his nap and then we'd attack this mouth-watering piece of creation! Anyway, in case you're curious, the bakeshop has a branch in Cubao, and another one in Rublou Building, near Brookside Hills, Cainta. One whole roll costs P300 while the half roll is P150 (I think!). For deliveries, inform them via text or facebook a day in advance. Let me just mention, too that their rider was also very kind and accommodating.

Here's some photos of the yema cake:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Books For Less Warehouse Sale Loot!

At P10 per book, I'd say the trip is sooo worth it! Look at the books I purchased!

Since I only commuted that day, may I share the directions when taking public transportation from Cainta to the Books For Less Warehouse. From Robinson's Junction, take the Pasig Tramo jeepney (P15 per person). Get off at the corner of San Miguel Mercedes Avenue (where there's a Jollibee at the right side). Cross the street and take a tricycle. Tell the driver you're going to la Consolacion College (P20 per trip). The warehouse is right across La Consolacion.

Be ready for the heat and dust inside the warehouse. In my previous trips to these book warehouses (Anvil, Scholastic, Books for Less), I always bring a fan, towel, bottled water, wet wipes, ponytail, alcohol or hand sanitizer, eco bags). I also don't use fancy hand bags. I opt for sling bags so I have two hands free when handling books and boxes.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Successful trip to Books For Less Warehouse Sale

So yesterday I finally got to visit the Books For Less Warehouse Sale! Woohoo! Got 20 books at P10 each! Amazing! Will blog about the books I bought in the next few days. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quotes on Productivity and Organization

I love reading about Productivity and Organization. Eversince I was a kid, I want everything in order. I love lists… of things to do, of goals both long term and short term, of prayer requests, or people to write to, of movies to watch, or reading logs, of just about anything!

That’s why in my readings about being productive, I have gathered quite a number of productivity quotes. Here are some of them:

“Every time a person puts an idea across, he finds tem people who thought about it before he did – but they only thought about it. “ – Alfred Montapert

“If you want something out of your day, you must put something in it.” – John C. Maxwell

“Time is like oxygen – there’s a minimum amount that’s necessary for survival. And it takes quantity as well as quality to develop warm and caring relationships.” – Armand Nicholi

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” – Mark Twain

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” – William James

“Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you can.” – D. L. Moody

“The only thrill worthwhile is the one that comes from making something out of yourself.” – William Feather

Monday, August 11, 2014

Friday, August 08, 2014

Board Games for Five to Six Year Olds

⦁ Scrabble or Junior Scrabble – helps in her vocabulary and spelling. Don’t sweat too much on the rules, though. The important thing is for your child to have fun learning.

⦁ Kiddie Poly – a simpler and easier version of Monopoly. Great for introducing the value of money and starting an entrepreneurial spirit.

⦁ Pictionary – this wasn’t a buy, but a property of mine way back when I was still single. My daughter saw this in my stash and insisted I teach her. She ended up enjoying it. I like the fact that it improves her vocabulary and her drawing skills.

⦁ Snakes and Ladders – a classic indeed. This was one of her first board games and taught her about losing and winning.

⦁ The Game of Life – though this one’s not really a board game, but my girl loved the idea of “living” a posh life.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

And the Daughter's Got Boo-boos

So my daughter was walking the puppy the other week while my husband was washing the car, and while I was upstairs tidying up the bedroom. Something "told" me to look out the window and see if my husband is almost done so I can set the table. As soon as I looked, I saw an adult dog walking towards where my daughter is. Since my POV is limited because of the walls, I didn't see what happened. No, she didn't get bitten by the dog, thank God! But she tripped when she saw the dog approaching her and our puppy. Afraid of the stranger dog, she walked faster than she should, frightening our puppy as she did. So our pup ran quicker than her, the pup's lease getting in her way and there. Nasty scrapes on both legs, another one on the right shoulder, and a reddish bump on the right cheek. Not to mention that she was covered with mud on legs, feet, hands and arms because it just finished raining that day.

That was her worst boo-boo so far and I knew she was afraid. I was, too because she looked so gusgusin what with all the mud all over her body. I didn't know how to start cleaning her up. After much crying and begging for me not to use water, she eventually said yes. But her cries was echoing not only inside the bathroom, but in the whole house as well. Can't blame her, I used to scream my heart out when I was a kid with a little scratch. After washing her with soap and water, and giving her a quick bath, too (gotta shampoo her hair, there were mud, too!), we let her relax on the couch and started applying the Betadine. To whoever created Betadine, thank you! I remember when I was a kid, there was no Betadine yet and my dad would put Merthiolate... that red liquid that puts more pain on the wound. Betadine doesn't hurt a bit. It only feels cold and wet, but not painful at all. Kids now are lucky because they're spared from experiencing Merthiolate. And yes, barely 3 days after the accident, and learning experience, her wounds are dry and on the fourth day, the crust started falling off.

Now she knows better than to ignore our reminder not to walk further away from the house than she's allowed. Each time she disobeys, we bring her back to that time that she almost got bitten by a dog, and she got mud all over, and she got ugly booboos that she can't wear her skirts and dresses to church. :)

Here, as much as she wanted to wear a skirt for their Nutrition Day Celebration, had to wear leggings to hide her wounds.

Vehicle Registration Renewal

We were off as early as 630am yesterday to have our car's registration renewed. Per my friend Jacque's suggestion, we went to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) branch in Binangonan to avoid to the long cue. Indeed, we were second in line, but still it took us less than two hours to finish everything. Since we were done with Emission Testing before 730am, we went straight to LTO a few minutes after. The office is still closed and they started calling on the numbers not at 8am, but at 820am. Being the time stickler that I am, I feel this isn't a good thing. Eight o'clock is eight o'clock. Anyway, the guy doing the stencils was ok, and the girl at the gate assisting the customers was very polite and accommodating. She was very helpful and I hope she gets paid well for doing her job well. We paid P2,300++ for the renewal and P1,050 for a new Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance. The cost for emission was P400 and for the stencil, it is one's option to give something to the stencil aide.

All in all, our LTO experience was fine. Our stickers will be ready by mid-October to early November.

Books For Less Warehouse Sale 2014

Woohoo, another book sale is happening and it's only a few minutes from my place! Books for Less is having its Warehouse Sale this whole month of August from 8am to 5pm. What's tempting (?), okay nice about it, is that books can be as low as P10 each! Too bad they're closed Sundays, the only day that we have a driver and it won't be a burden for me to carry all my purchases and commute! Anyway, will have to find the time one of these weekdays and see what I can buy.

Books for Less Warehouse Sale: 643 Mercedez Ave., Baranggay San Miguel, Pasig City
Contact Numbers:633.8554 and 0917.630.9999

Home Remedy to Get Rid of Ants

The past couple of months, being the start of the rainy season saw us trying to get rid of ant trails in various spots inside the house. It irritates me so to find them long cues down the staircase, near the dish drier, along the banisters. But to see them on our beds is something I find super intolerable. It breaks my heart to see my daughter's arms and legs red with ant bites in the morning. In fact, today she woke up with a rash on one of the eyelids because an ant bit it.

Since I am aware of the harmful effects of chemical-based sprays, I asked around for natural remedies. I know I've read somewhere about coffee grounds being effective, but that would mean waiting for the weekend as that would be the day I'd go somewhere with a Starbucks branch.

So now I'm opting for suggestion number 2, which is baking powder and sugar. I wonder though if the sugar is safe to have lying around in strategic places, since, it's sweet and might spill and might attract more ants. But anyway, what I gathered was that mixing Baking Powder and sugar and putting them in cups or saucers in places where ants are are effective enough.

And while I'm still here at home and is yet to walk to the nearest supermarket for some baking soda, I might as well try another tip given to me... which is to mix some water and liquid dish soap, put the mixture in a spray bottle. This one sounds cheap and safe enough. Can't wait to try it!

Will update this blog for my review. :)