Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuloy na tuloy pa rin ang Pasko

Compared to last year, we're starting the Christmas season a bit late this year. We didn't plan it, didn't intend it. In fact, me and the husband even went to Divisoria around October to buy new Christmas decors and a new Christmas tree. We decorated on the same weekend we bought it, and I was planning on buying gifts and finishing all the shopping I needed to do before December arrives. However, deadlines at work started piling up (I'm not complaining, though!)... and our weekends became busier... or should I say I caught the procrastination bug. But the main factor we made conscious effort to limit shopping and avoid ostentatious preparations was when Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) hit the Philippines. Although our region was not directly hit by it, the impact on our country was just so tremendous and tragic. As of this writing, the number of casualties is already around 6,000. There are thousands who are homeless, thousands injured, and thousands more are missing. It would be insensitive to be celebrating and not helping. I couldn't even make myself post photos and status updates in my facebook wall that's not related to the typhoon. All I can think of and read about was the victims. My husband and I did our part in helping, sharing what we have. My daughter also gave her piggy bank and this Sunday she's gonna bring her pre-loved toys to donate to the kids. My husband also volunteered at the pier in hurling, carrying, sending off 4 container-van-loads of relief goods. At a time like this, it's just so insensitive to be just thinking of oneself. I literally cringe when I see facebook updates about travels and shopping and eating out. But then, I am not saying we should not celebrate Christmas this year. I am not saying that, let me clarify. I am so pro-celebrating Christmas because it is the Lord's birthday... and to let it pass by just like that is like not acknowledging His Lordship and his gift of his Son. Christmas comes only once a year and we should not downplay it. In fact, the children should not feel deprived of the celebration and the magic that comes with the most wonderful time of the year. We just have to be more mindful, selfless and not be ridiculous in spending and try to reach out more to the victims because even if it's been almost 3 weeks since Yolanda, these victims still need our help and our prayers.