Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Barely A Day

Barely a day since my laptop and I met and I’m already so fond of him. I think he’s going to be a close friend, someone I’ll be hanging around with a lot of times. I declare that this laptop, whose name I am still thinking of, will be reliable, dependable, shall give me wonderful times and excellent scripts, shall not catch any virus or any form of disease and problems.

I am looking forward to bringing him along with me in malls, meetings and even out of town. Not that I want to work when I’m on vacation, but it’s just nice to know that I can still be productive during lull moments when I’m away.

It feels good to have finally purchased a laptop. I’ve been planning to buy one but may kuripot side keeps me from making it happen. Until I keep feeling and seeing the need for one, like the fanciness of working in a different ambience, like the living room, the garden, the malls, in cafes. Until I came across this insight in one of the books I’ve been reading, “21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader,” and it says there that effective leaders make it happen.

And so I knew I want to make the dream happen. I want to achieve the desire. I’ve always been someone who make things happen. Now, I say that not braggingly, but I make things happen with God’s guidance, wisdom and permission. And to purchase a laptop is just one of the many many things I want to make real.

Thus, yesterday I bought this. So happy and thankful for God has provided the money, the model, and the friend (Chicky) who sold this to me.

Thank you once again, dear Father for your favor and abundance and intervention in my life. In Jesus’ name, bless this laptop, bless this and give this a long long healthy life, Amen!