Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Citylight Hotel in Baguio

Baguio has always been my favorite city in the Philippines. Baguio brings back childhood memories when my parents would bring me here and we would buy wooden toys and knitted sweaters. When I entered college, I studied in UP College Baguio and so the memories piled up that there are times I cannot bear to contain them anymore. Studying in Baguio has seen me grow from being a child to a young adult. Living away from my family became less dreadful because the fact that I am living in Baguio. It is the city that ushered my independence and has helped me a lot with regards to my self-confidence. It is where I met my dorm roommates who are now my lifelong friends. Baguio has seen me in aspects I myself did not realize I have in my personality. And even long after I left Baguio and pursued the rest of my college education here in UP Diliman, I always go back to Baguio just to reminisce and feel the cool breeze Baguio is well known for.

However, looking for a place to stay in Baguio has always been a hit and miss. Despite the fact that I always return, I do not have a particular hotel or BnB that I can always vouch for. I've stayed in so many hotels in Baguio but there's still none that I want to return to again. Anyway, for our most recent trip, we opted to stay in Citylight Hotel along Gen. Luna Road upon the recommendation of my mom.

Location wise, it is near the Katedral ng Baguio, and walking distance to Session Road. However, because the road is steep (as most Baguio roads are), it is quite inconvenient for a senior citizen, or parents with little kids to walk to and from the hotel. Hailing a cab can be quite a challenge especially during weekends. Because Gen. Luna isn't along the main thoroughfare, only a handful of cabs pass along it, and they most of the time have passengers.

Lobby is quite impressive considering Baguio hotel standards. It is spacious and welcoming and they have nice, new couches. There is free wifi in the lobby and free coffee and juice is overflowing.

The room that we chose is indeed spacious. Having stayed in hotels in Hongkong and Singapore, I am used to small rooms where you almost have no space to place your luggages. Citylight's rooms are huge, and the beds are, too! Upon booking, we know we are staying in a room with two queen sized beds.But upon entering, we find the queen sized beds can pass for a king-sized. The room is clean and new and they have not much decorations, which is a thumbs up for me. Faucet and shower are working, though a bidet could've been helpful. The only downside was that we were given a room with no view. And since it was only a second floor room, our windows, when opened, do not give us the fresh, cool Baguio air.

Breakfast buffet, I believe is one of the things this hotel is known for. They have a wide spread of choices and they accommodate walk-ins. Because of this, they hold the said buffet both in their in-house restaurant on the ground floor as well as on the penthouse. The ambience at the penthouse is far relaxing than on the ground, though.

All in all, it was a nice stay. It wasn't amazing, but yes, I would still recommend the place if you don't mind the walking. We found this out the hard way especially on our last day in the city, when we had lots of shopping bags and loads of fresh produce from the market with us and we couldn't book a taxi.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Convenient transaction with Grab Express

The past few weeks found me needing to send, receive, transport something without me going out of the house. And Grab Express has been very helpful with these errands of mine. The first time I heard about their service was when a friend had to send a package for me. She booked Grab Express from her place in Pasig and voila, the package has been delivered to me in less than 30 minutes. It only cost my friend P87 for the convenience! Because I was happy with the service and affordability, I booked Grab Express to send something to my child's school. The amount I paid was P56, which is only a few pesos short if I was the one who commuted and took the car going to the school. So happy with the politeness and reliability of the rider assigned to me, too. After those first two transactions, I have been using Grab Express on a more regular basis and I can say that I am one happy customer. :)

Keep it up, Grab Express!

Why I Love Mulberry Kids Preschool by Karla Borromeo

Morning of June 21

As I prepare our kids for their first day of school, I reminisce the time I was still searching for the perfect school for Tabby, our firstborn. Since it was the first, I want everything to be how I envisioned it to be. I was imagining that perfect school who will help me nurture our child to be the best he can be. To extend what we teach at home in school. I want the school to continue on my discipline at home. To make him polite, respectful, thankful, prayerful, sociable and of course smarter. To bring out the best of his abilities while showing empathy to his fellow classmates. I want him to stand up for what is right & apologize when he is at fault. I searched by asking my kumare Abi since her husband is with DepEd. I checked online feedbacks. I checked physically the schools & even asked for a few days sit in. I had several questions in mind which I also asked the heads of each school. My OCness & meticulous side of me showed & I admit it because I do not want to commit a mistake especially when it involves our child's education.

The schools I tried and checked out were all good. However, only one stood out. Why? I saw how the teachers were gentle yet firm with their students. I saw how they cared for each student. I saw how they loved each individual. I saw how they embraced the uniqueness of each student & believed that at the end of each day, the student learned something and the student is better than the previous day. I fell in love with Mulberry Kids Preschool because of that.

I was with Tabby everyday when he tried the summer class. I saw how he blossomed to become more independent and how eager he was to go to school everyday. I saw and learned too while I was there. I learned that it's ok for a child to resolve issues on their own without help from adults. I learned their creativity shows through play. I learned how vast their imaginations are when you talk with each child. I learned that at an early age, children know the characteristics of a special child, and they know how to accept & adjust to the special child's needs. Students in Mulberry Kids Preschool are taught not only how to be polite, respectful, thankful, prayerful, sociable and smarter. They are taught how to love and emphatize. They are taught to accept their peers as individuals with different needs and different personalities.

Now, as I prepare to bring our children (Thomas and Keandra) to school, I am happy and proud to say that Mulberry Kids Preschool has allowed me to stop searching for the perfect one because I already found them. I know my children are in good hands as I trek my own path in the corporate world again.

PS. Daddy Leo also concurred


Mommy Karla, proud Mulberry Kids Preschool parent

Monday, April 17, 2017


My husband and I finally decided to have our cable subscription terminated. We've been contemplating on doing so for almost a year now since we realize we haven't been maximizing the channels actually. Ever since we've acquired our Sony TV with Youtube capacity, we barely watch TV shows anymore.

So we finally convinced our daughter that there really is no need for a cable subscription and that we'll just have our internet connection upgraded by PLDT. We also bought an ABS CBN TV PLUS unit which wasn't very easy to install because maybe we were doing something wrong or something, like the antenna being away from the window perhaps.

The antenna

So anyway, it's been barely a week since we've had our TV Plus and we're quite okay with it. There are limited channels though but we're okay with it. One just have to look for the right spot to place the antenna so make sure speed and quality are okay. My daughter, however was disappointed to know that YEY! Channel doesn't carry a lot of programs that appeals to her. She only likes Team Yey and an occasional dose of Knowledge Channel.

Anyway, for P1,499 and no monthly fees, we're quite fine with our unit. My husband is loving his ABS-CBN Mobile though because of the I Want TV option that he can utilize for when his phone's mobile data decides to act up during his travels.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Shake n Take Product Review

I've always wanted to juice fruits and vegetables but the thought of setting up the blender and washing all those individual partssss, make me feel so lazy. We used to have a Phillips Blender, a Kyowa one, and another brand I already forgot but aside from the many parts that I have to wash after, these equipment all take a lot of space on our kitchen counter.

That's why when I came across the Shake and Take, I looked up a good deal from and placed an order that same day.

We've been using our Shake and Take for more than a week now and so far, we're happy with the purchase. We've tried making bananas and Arla Strawberry Milkshake, papaya and watermelon shake, cucumber and honey, and today we'll try using carrots.

it's really convenient and easy to operate even my 9 year old daughter can use it anytime she wants. Careful when handling the blades, though but other than that, she's free to blend her fruits by herself.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Enchanted Kingdom

Sharing a few of our photos from our recent visit/surprise pasyal for my daughter.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why You Should Sign Up Your Kid to Mcdo Kiddie Crew - just my mommy thoughts :)

Summer is here and one of default summer activities we always come up with is to join the McDonald's Kiddie Crew program.
It's been years since my daughter joined one and it's proven to be one of the most memorable and valuable activities she's had.
Let me count the ways.

1. It's affordable. For less than P600, your kid gets the fun and experience, plus the exposure, the uniform, free meals, ID, cap, and sling bag.

2. It's convenient. They're available in all McDonald's branches. It's just a matter of picking a branch near you.

3. The program runs on a per batch basis. This way, it's easier to choose the week that's convenient for you.

4. Kids get to meet new friends, both kids and adults alike.

5. The staff are always accommodating and are genuinely concerned. My daughter kept saying that her "teachers" are nice and funny.

6. It teaches life skills like taking turns, cooperation, discipline, being tidy, being polite, keeping promises and proper hygiene.

These and the memories you will create indeed are worth signing up for the McDo Kiddie Crew summer program!

Friday, March 24, 2017

This Season of Grieving

It's been around 3 weeks since my only sister suddenly died. She was complaining of a terrible back ache, which was quite normal because she has a mild case of scoliosis, but that fateful day of February 3, her back pain was so intolerable that she went to my mom's room to rest on her bed, then she said she wanted to vomit, but wasn't able to anymore because she collapsed. Her eyes looked terrifyingly delirious and she couldn't form words anymore. To say that it is painful for me to recount what happened next is an understatement. I may perhaps be able to write them in due time, but right now, remembering everything brings back all the fear and trauma.

Anyway, we rushed her to the hospital at 11pm, at 4:45am she was having seizures (her 4th or 5th on the emergency room), at 5am she was being revived and given CPR, at 5:40 she was brain dead but there was some heartbeat, at 6:45am she was pronounced dead. Cause of death is Multiple Organ Failure due to Sepsis and Pneumonia.

As what I always answer my friends who ask how I am coping with the loss, daytime is easier because there's so much to do. But night time is the worst because my mind involuntarily rewinds everything. Every scene, every conversation, all the minutest detail always return to my mind. It's so scary and I am scared at the highest level. I didn't know I am capable of this much grief and fear. not only do the scenes return, but also emotions and thoughts, realizations, what if's and what could've beens.

Many times I am afraid of closing my eyes because all I can see and think about is her struggle in the emergency room. Many nights I feel like drowning. My heart is heavy with sorrow and terror.

This is driving me crazy.

Soccer Summer Camp

It's been three years since my daughter started playing soccer. Soccer camps are really fun not only because of the of the games but also of the lessons one learns by being in a team. My daughter has learned camaraderie even among kids that she's not regular classmates with, even among kids of various nationalities. In my daughter's soccer camp, she's had Korean, American, Japanese, Malaysian, American, Canadian and Chinese teammates.

Being an only child, it's wonderful seeing her not having ANY problems dealing with others. She's always been Miss Friendship ever since she was a baby and up to now I can see her veering towards being happy both in a group or with one BFF. Regardless, she's having fun!

Anyway, just wanna share some of the latest photos of her during her soccer games.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dr. Walter Mischell's "Marshmallow Test"

Many years ago, I came across this article that discussed Dr. Walter Mischel's "Marshmallow Test." It's an interesting study on delaying gratification for children. This said study was done in the 1960's at Stanford. I've always found it interesting and knew the moment I read about it that I am going to teach it to my child.

You see, Dr. Mischel gave children two choices; be able to eat one marshmallow anytime they want, or wait for an adult to enter the room and that's only the time they can take and eat two marshmallows. In a nutshell, one marshmallow now, or two marshmallows but you have to wait. Wise Mr. Mischel followed his subjects through the years and found out that the children who could wait and control their urge to get a marshmallow "have lower BMI, lower addiction rates, a lower rate for divorce and higher SAT scores."

As parents, especially of onlies, it is always easy to give in to our child's need and wants. But delaying gratification not only teaches them patience, but also discipline, grit, and whole lot more of life skills they will definitely need in the future.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Human Nature's Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Product Review

Finally, a shampoo that does what it promises to do!

I have been suffering from hair fall for years. There is not a day in our house when you can't find strands of my hair on the floor. It's frustrating, but somehow I was able to get used to it. I adjust and minimize the strands by going out of our house and do the combing on our front yard. I tried anti hair fall shampoos particularly that of Pantene and Lauat, but they don't do the job. I have a separate post about the Lauat Anti Hair Fall Shampoo though so you might want to check that out, too.

So anyway, I started feeling bothered late last year, around November to be exact, when I noticed my daughter is going through the same thing, too! I was startled, and yes, got scared. She has nice, smooth, soft and thin hair and she is one healthy girl. But to see her hair brush with strands whenever I comb her hair after her morning bath gave me reason to worry.

I didn't want to try those commercially available products, knowing they all have chemicals which might do more harm than good, so I decided to observe the amount of strands she sheds in the morning. Then I came across, okay, I scouted for a non-chemical based shampoo in the grocery around mid-December and found out that Human Heart Nature, of course known for their all-natural products have their own anti-hair fall shampoo as well. It isn't as expensive as their Kids Natural Shampoo and this one comes in a smaller bottle, costing P129.00 which isn't bad at all.

I got the strengthening aloe vera anti-hair fall variety that promises less hair fall in 4 weeks of continuous use. Not only is it chemical-free, but it also smells good. My daughter and I are on our third week of consumption of said product and I can say that it delivered what it's promised! I believe our hair also became stronger, no longer brittle and there is 98% less hair fall, particularly with my daughter!

I am just so happy I found this product that when I went back to the supermarket today, I got a bottle of their other variety, the one for dry, damaged hair that's specifically for color-treated hair (mine). Can't wait to see if this one's as effective as its sister product. :)