Monday, May 01, 2006

Five Going on Six

It’s been five months, going on six since I got married. There has been a lot of changes, but nothing mind-boggling, thank God. Adjustments abound, though, specifically my body clock. Would you believe I wake up at 6 in the morning, whereas when I was still single, 6am is still madaling araw for me! Though I go back to bed once my husband leaves for work at 7, it’s still a big change for me to be out of bed at a wee hour of the morning.

I also know now how to cook… a little. Major accomplishment for someone who doesn’t even know how to open the stove! So far, I’ve made Korean barbecue, adobong chicken, lumpiang shanghai, chopsuey, fried fish, but my source of pride (hehe) is the pesto macaroni! Yummy! Mainly because it was my first time to cook pasta, al dente mind you! Not to mention it smelled great too! Thanks to Mr McCormick, we’re beginning to be close friends now. Haha.

Regarding some differences that Romy and I have discovered about each other, though, is the fact that I am the malakwatsa girl and he’s the ultimate homebody! He sees Saturdays as a time to rest, just stay at home, cook, lounge around, do the laundry, watch TV and sleep in late. I see Saturdays as my time to go to malls with him, a day to paint the town red, a day to eat out, or maybe, pag tinotopak ako, which is a lot of times, to spontaneously go to Baguio, or Cebu, or just to any resort. I must admit it caused a couple of arguments for us the past months, but we’re learning to adjust and compromise recently. He’s even initiated dinner out in Libis two weeks ago, initiated dinner in Megamall last Friday, and went shopping with me in Megamall during the mall-wide sale last Sunday.

I could go on writing about the many changes, discoveries, adjustments, even surprises and laughter we’re shared but they’re just too many to write about, even at five months!

Anyway, i can still say everything has been fun and wonderful, though it wasn’t totally easy and hassle-free. But for everything I am thankful. For everything I am joyous.
And I love him more than the day I married him. Indeed, married life is a blessing.