Thursday, August 01, 2013

Book Review: “Praying the Bible for your Children”

It was one of my usual trips to Book Sale, and as always, I was on the look-out for storybooks for my daughter. It was that day that I found out they, the Megamall branch in particular, have quite a nice selection of Christian books. Since I was on a budget, I only bought two, namely; Praying the Bible for your Children,” and “Kids’ Book of Devotion.” The first one costs P150, while the latter was P120.00. Since the day I bought them, I have used those books quite a lot of times. The second one I discuss with Aliya because the chapters are kid-friendly, they have segments for parents, for kids, and short prayers to guide the kids. They discuss topics such as having joy in every situation, trying not to be angry even when you’re tempted, being thankful for blessings no matter how mundane and petty they are. My more favorite of the two is the first book. Insightful, bible-based, and the prayers are obviously written by a parent who’s been there. Each chapter starts with a line or two from the Scriptures, then the prayer follows. What I like most about this book is that the topics and issues tackled are diverse and deep. The author took time to include children’s issues that I have not yet even thought about. I just wish there is a table of contents or a glossary for easier reference and searching. In fact, I think I could write one for this book so when the time comes that Aliya has her own children, she can still use this book and find it convenient to look for the topics that are timely for her. In a nutshell, this is one book I will surely treasure for years and decades and intend to pass on to the next generations. 