Monday, September 09, 2013

Kumon Free Trial Weeks

Kumon Philippines has announced its free trial classes again. My daughter has been enrolled in Kumon Reading since April of this year, and I plan to have her undergo the 2 week trial in Math starting next week. I recommend availing of the free trial to see if the program fits you and your child... I mean, schedule wise, lifestyle wise and personality wise. I know Kumon is not for everyone, as it has its pros and cons. But as for me, I've seen all the advantages and benefits Kumon had effected on my daughter. So there, visit the nearest Kumon center, even just to inquire. :)

The Scholastic Warehouse Sale

The Scholastic Warehouse Sale, which is ongoing till the 14th of September is an annual “event” that mommies, homeschoolers, educators and booklovers look forward to every year. Since I was busy preparing for my daughter’s 6th birthday party last week, I just got to visit the sale today. Here are tips when going to the warehouse that I believe will be very helpful: 1. Go on a weekday, if you can. And in the morning. There are less crowds, both in the sale area and in the cashier. I went today, a Monday, and for the whole 2 hours I was there, I had the whole warehouse to myself (except of course for the 3 staff doing repacking and replenishing of stock). 2. Wear comfortable clothes as it can get really humid inside. There were a couple of electric fans but if you’re gonna share it with others, you might as well bring along a pamaypay. 3. Bring a ponytail for your hair, bottled water and face towel. 4. Be wise in choosing books. Try to pack as much as much as you can especially if you’re availing of their Box All You Can Promo (Php500 for books as long as they can fit inside their provided box) It’s ok if they overflow a bit, just be prepared when they ask you at the cashier to remove a few pieces since the mechanics says the box should still be sealed/tied up to qualify for the Php500 deal. 5. Bring cash. Though they do accept credit cards, or at least that’s what I saw at the sign near the cashier. 6. Don’t forget to check out the shelves inside. I almost missed that area! Good thing I had to use their restroom, thus I discovered that there are more books in the inner shelves. That’s it, I guess. So whether you’re going for the Box-all-you-can promo or are targeting other titles that are on 10-50% discount, enjoy! Happy Shopping! By the way, their warehouse is located along C. Raymundo St., Pasig City, Philippines.