Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Embracing One's Season

One of the realities of a freelancer’s life is that there is no long-lasting routine.

Just as when you’re getting into the groove of waking up late in the morning, here comes a project with a deadline that’s due the next day so you will have to sleep late at night and wake up early to finish and polish and beat the deadline. Another extreme would be when you are in between projects, (in my case, scripts or shows), and things can get really unharried. And these times are the times that I look forward to because this would mean more time for my daughter, time to experiment on cooking, on crafts, catch up on movies, more time on facebook, on the internet, cleaning and organizing the house, playdates, waking up late and the list goes on and on. But don’t get me wrong, these are “free” times but it doesn’t mean that I have nothing to do on these days. Tons of errands and personal projects await, like photobooks, compiling files, DIY projects and putting labels on just about anything! These are also the days that I pray for better and nicer writing assignments, time to recharge and read up on improving my craft. I call this my “relaxed season.”

I can’t remember a relaxed season for me last year. God has blessed me with projects, one after the other. There were months when I had 4 shows at the same time. This year, 2016, my “relaxed season” started about three weeks ago. Had I been younger and less mature in my walk with God, I would already be feeling restless, worried and scared for my savings and future. But God has taught me that there is a season for everything, He has proven to me time and time again that He is always cooking up something better for me even during these weeks that I have no writing assignments.

I know for a fact that writing is my life work and I am called to do this for life. Down times should not be viewed as panic times because God will surely, certainly provide something new in His perfect time. So as for me, I embrace this time of my life and I am grateful for having a life such as this. I enjoy every minute of being at home with my daughter, getting the house ready for my husband’s going home after work in the afternoon, having more time to read and study and do crafts, fellowship with my cyber sisters in my online group of wives and moms, and spending time getting to know more about God and His Word.

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