Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Convenient transaction with Grab Express

The past few weeks found me needing to send, receive, transport something without me going out of the house. And Grab Express has been very helpful with these errands of mine. The first time I heard about their service was when a friend had to send a package for me. She booked Grab Express from her place in Pasig and voila, the package has been delivered to me in less than 30 minutes. It only cost my friend P87 for the convenience! Because I was happy with the service and affordability, I booked Grab Express to send something to my child's school. The amount I paid was P56, which is only a few pesos short if I was the one who commuted and took the car going to the school. So happy with the politeness and reliability of the rider assigned to me, too. After those first two transactions, I have been using Grab Express on a more regular basis and I can say that I am one happy customer. :)

Keep it up, Grab Express!

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