Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Little Playroom in Sta Lucia Mall

We've only been there a couple of times. So far. I intend to bring Aliya there more often since first, I know she enjoys playing with the stuff there, second, because I myself like the ambience. I like huge spaces, and the size of the playroom is big enough for lots of kids. The toys are new and not of low quality. The toys talaga ang pinaka-reason why I like Aliya playing there.

We've been to a few play areas in different malls, and what SOME of them offer are low quality toys. Mga sira na, luma, kadiri na ang itsura. My Little Playroom's selection of toys are clean, too. They have areas for fine motor skills-play, as well as areas for big movements like running, shooting balls, riding and slides.

Weekday rate for an hour is P140, for 30 minutes is P90. Weekend/Holiday rate is P160, and half an hour on weekends is P100.

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