Thursday, June 26, 2014

Checklist of Food to Bring as Pasalubong for Pinoy Relatives Abroad

Prepared Food
• canned tuna (afritada/mechado/bicol express etc)
• Goldilocks laing or dinuguan in foil pack
- Argentina bangus sisig
• packets of instant champorado, arroz caldo, ginataang mais
• dried mangos

flavor packs
• sinigang mix
• Mama Sita bbq marinade in foil packs
• Del Monte/Best Foods/UFC Pinoy-style or fast food style spaghetti sauce
• juice concentrate (melon/calamansi/poncan/melon

• Mang Tomas lechon sauce – foil pack
• UFC banana ketchup
• canned bagoong (check with customs if these are allowed, though)
• canned taba ng talangka
• atsara

• instant pansit (bihon/canton/palabok)
• instant noodle soup (sopas/sotanghon/La Paz batchoy/lomi)
• Maggi instant Pinoy spaghetti
- Lucky Me Instant Mac and Cheese

baked goods/other sweets
• Goldilocks/Sasmual special polvoron
• pastillas – ube, langka, de leche, queso
• Eng Bee Tin hopia (mongo/ube-queso/ube-langka)
• biscuits/cookies (pasencia/uraro/puto seko etc)
• sampaloc candy
• buko pandan/taro jelly with nata
• nata de coco/kaong

tsitsirya/other snack food
• Oishi Marty’s Chicharon: vegetarian chicharon with texture and taste that is reminiscent of the real thing; my sister loved it!
• Chippy/Clover/Piattos or any favorite from childhood
• Dingdong or Cornbits
• cornick

• Chocnut
• Ricoa flat tops

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