Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dissapointed With the Deflector

Last March 9, we bought this car cover from Handyman Robinson's Galleria for our newly-bought Innova. The salesman was, in fairness very helpful. Though looking back, he had this desperate air to make a sale. He convinced, and was successful, us to choose the Deflector Car Cover which is worth P3,500. My husband and I thought for a while and after a brief discussion, decided we'd opt for this one instead of the cheaper brands. The salesman told us the advantage of the deflector triangle and the two-color design as it is more durable, more beneficial for all-weather conditions, so on and so forth. We went home with the said brand of car cover and after cleaning the car, we dressed her up with it. Goodness, our car looked like it was wearing an oversized gown. The salesman said it fits the Innova and pointed out the list of vehicles mean for that size and model. We wanted to return the item but that night it rained and the car cover was soaked both in rain water and mud from the ground... it caught the mud because as I told you, it was like a long gown for our car. So we doubted if they'd still accept this for return, as it is already muddy. three days after we saw a triangle-shaped tear in front of the cover. And we were told this material is difficult to tear?! Weeks passed and everytime we remove the car cover, we always discover additional tears, mostly on the yellow part of the cover. Ugh! It's only been 3 months since we bought this cover and the tears are all over, thus, our SUV's exterior still gets wet whenever it rains. In a nutshell, my review for the Deflector Car Cover would be NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ONE STAR. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ONE STAR: 0 ONE STAR: 1 MAJOR FAILURE TWO STARS: 2 LOW THREE STARS: 3 PASSING GRADE FOUR STARS: 4 HIGH FIVE STARS: 5 being the HIGHEST.

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